Costa Rica Hosting Latin Hemp CBD Cannabis Conference in August

Here’s the press release…pity they couldn’t find a conference venue that doesn’t look like a high security prison. Especially when there’s so much beauty in the country


The Latin Hemp CBD Cannabis Conference will be held at the Crown Plaza in San Jose, Costa Rica on August 4-6th 2021.

There is no better time to have a Hemp, CBD and Cannabis conference in Costa Rica. There are now two different Cannabis and Hemp bills on the table waiting for passage in Costa Rica.

This conference will provide education on the fast-growing Hemp, CBD and Cannabis Industries in Latin America, and to provide first-hand stories from people who have been leaders in these fields. With so many countries in Latin America that have passed or are in the process of passing Hemp, CBD or Medical Cannabis legislation, this conference will provide a much-needed source of information and advice.

“We have a great starting lineup of speakers, including: Andy Williams of Medicine Man Denver; Taiya Thompson of Crooked Cactus CBD; Morris Beegle and Elizabeth Knight of the NOCO Hemp Expo and Lorenzo Rolim of the Latin American Industrial Hemp Association. We’re excited to build on this impressive list going forward” said Timothy Morales, CEO of Hemp CR Inc. “We are hoping that the Covid vaccines will put a huge dent on the virus, so that the Latin Hemp CBD Cannabis Conference will be a success. This conference will have a limited number of in-person passes and we expect them to sell out early. Our last event, the Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference was a huge success and sold out fast”.

Massimo Manzi, Executive Director of the Costa Rica Health Chamber PROMED said “As the leading entity of the health industry of Costa Rica, we look forward to working on this event with national and international professionals and discuss about the huge opportunities of Medical Cannabis and CBD for the Central American region”

If you are interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring, please visit the Latin Hemp CBD Cannabis Conference website and apply. Tickets are limited at 140 people.

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