All depends if you can choose your grower and allocate the risks to yourself rather than Juicy Fields making those decisions for you.

At the moment looking at the white paper we get the sense the only grower is based in Columbia ?

Read the white paper and see what you think.

The lowest buy in price is 50 Euros.

10% of costs are applied to legals we’d envisage there’s possibilty for a lot of legal and litigation issues  further down the line based around the plethora of jurisdictional differences for cannabis legislation around the world and being a small investor may mean not much of a comeback if things go south

Also we’d want to see more information on sustanable growing practices, carbon neutral issues etc

Here’s their team


Here’s their website

Here’s their White Paper explaining how it is all meant to work



Cannatech don’t ask any questions at all and appear to want to dive in headfirst.

We’d be slightly more cautious

Crowdgrowing is built on a concept that is already being successfully applied in other industries, and it’s just getting started in the cannabis industry. Just as someone can ‘adopt’ a star in the sky through NASA for a fee, they can do something similar with a cannabis plant. However, with a cannabis plant, there’s real profit potential, unlike purchasing a star.

This new concept is a great way for virtually anyone to get into the cannabis industry in a manner that mitigates risks and lowers the barrier to entry. It’s also a way for cannabis cultivators and distributors to raise funds in a fashion that doesn’t result in them having to mortgage away their futures.