Cyprus: Mushrooms, LSD bust in Limassol

Police on Tuesday arrested a 19-year-old resident of Limassol to facilitate investigations into a case of illegal drugs possession.

During the course of the investigation minors were also called in for questioning. Police seized a quantity of cannabis, dried mushrooms believed to be hallucinogenic, and LSD.

According to the police statement, around 4.30 pm on Monday, a traffic police patrol spotted a car parked outside a fast-food restaurant in Limassol, and while three passengers got out, officers approached the 19-year-old driver for a check.

During the body search that followed, police found 12g of cannabis, cannabis plant stems, two dried mushrooms, a precision scale with traces of cannabis, and 31 pieces of coloured paper, believed to be laced with LSD.

In a subsequent search of the vehicle, two fanny packs were seized containing 38g of cannabis, two precision scales and a grinder with traces of cannabis.

The 19-year-old was arrested for evident offenses and taken into custody. Police also searched the man’s home from which they confiscated an additional 23g of cannabis and six plastic packets of mushrooms.

Subsequent checks determined that the three youths accompanying the 19-year-old were all minors, aged 17. The minors were called to the police drug unit office, where they were questioned and released, without being accused in writing, pending completion of the investigation.

Mushrooms, LSD and cannabis bust in Limassol

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