Title: Colorado Hemp Producer Leaving For Arkansas New Market

Author: MJ Biz

Date: 10 January 2018


Colorado hemp producer leaving for Arkansas’ new market


Title: Marijuana Company of America and Global Hemp Group Issue Final Report on New Brunswick Hemp/CBD Project

Author: Press Release

Date: 10 January 2018

URL: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/01/10/1286674/0/en/Marijuana-Company-of-America-and-Global-Hemp-Group-Issue-Final-Report-on-New-Brunswick-Hemp-CBD-Project.html


On September 5, 2017, MCOA and GHG announced their joint venture to develop commercial hemp production on the Acadian peninsula of New Brunswick, Canada.

In this first phase of MCOA’s and GHG’s (the “Partners”) multi-phase hemp project, the Partners successfully cultivated industrial hemp during the 2017 growing season (see Phase One Hemp Trial Results below). For this phase of the project, the Partners only grew hemp for research purposes, as this was the first time in 20 years that industrial hemp was grown in the region. The objective of phase one was to re-introduce hemp into the area, to ensure that it could be productive under New Brunswick growing conditions, prior to significantly increasing cultivation acreage, and building a hemp processing facility in the region.

The Partners are preparing for proposed changes to Canadian legislation expected in 2018, that will permit cannabidiol (CBD) extraction from industrial hemp. Health Canada is currently consulting industry representatives regarding regulations that will accompany the new cannabis legislation expected by July 1, 2018.


Title:Kentucky leads the way on industrial hemp research, has approved 225 applications from growers

Author: Northern Kentucky Tribune

Date: 10 January 2018

URL: http://www.nkytribune.com/2018/01/kentucky-leads-the-way-on-industrial-hemp-research-has-approved-225-applications-from-growers/


The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) has approved 225 applications from growers to cultivate up to 12,018 acres of industrial hemp for research purposes in 2018. More than 681,000 square feet of greenhouse space were approved for indoor growers in 2018.

“Kentucky continues to lead on industrial hemp research, exploring every aspect of this versatile crop,” Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said. “Because of the research conducted by our growers, processors, and universities, I am more optimistic than ever that we can put industrial hemp on a path to widespread commercialization once Congress removes it from the federal list of controlled substances.”

The KDA received a total of 257 applications – 243 grower applications and 14 processor/handler applications. Additionally, 43 participants renewed multi-year processor licenses. Applicants were asked to identify which harvestable component of the plant would be the focus of their research (floral material, grain, or fiber); some applicants selected more than one component. As a result, the number of approved applicants focusing on the different components of the plant are as follows: 185 for floral material, 103 for grain or seeds, and 66 for fiber.


Title: Freedom Leaf, Inc. Completes 100% Acquisition of Spanish Hemp Producer, Green Market Europe S.L., Further Driving Revenue and Building Shareholder Value for (OTCQB: FRLF)

Author: OTC Markets

Date: 10 January 2018

URL: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/FRLF/news?id=179851


Clifford J. Perry, Co-founder and CEO of Freedom Leaf Inc., said, “We are very pleased to have completed this transaction, the deal is now final. Our philosophy is to only acquire companies that will add significant Gross Revenue, Net Profit and Shareholder Value to Freedom Leaf Inc. financials, and this is no exception. Green Market Europe S.L. is projected to add €2.000.000 ($2,393,060USD) in its first full year of operation at approximately a 15% net profit.”

Green Market Europe S.L. facilities include a 21,000 sq. ft. light deprivation greenhouse, a 43,000 sq. ft. indoor growing research facility, and over 200 acres of outdoor production space. The light deprivation allows the increase of the number of yearly crops from 3 to 4 crops a year, and the 43,000 sq. ft. indoor grow facility is used for genetic research and cultivating additional hemp crops. Green Market Europe S.L. is strategically located in Elche, Alicante, an important Spanish business hub, with great year-round weather conditions for agricultural growing and a long tradition of growing hemp.