Decriminalized Cannabis In Canberra Makes Zero Difference To Medical Patients


Because the legislation created did the usual damned if you do… damned if you don’t routine

In this case growing under artificial lights carries a sentence of two years but essentially Canberra is too cold to grow cannabis and if you did most medical patients presume that as soon as their small crop comes to fruition thieves would get in and steal them.


ABC Australia reports

When the personal use of cannabis was decriminalised in the ACT in January 2020, Mary couldn’t wait to start growing the plant that she uses to treat her chronic depression and arthritis.

“It was time to take our power back and grow for ourselves and produce our own medicine at a lower cost in a healthier way,” she said.

But she soon found Canberra’s cool climate unsuitable for a steady supply of the drug and was concerned plants grown outdoors would be stolen.

So she opted to grow using artificial lights indoors.

Although growing up to two plants per person and four maximum per household is decriminalised in the ACT, using artificial lights still carries a maximum jail sentence of two years.

But Mary — not her real name — said the reward was worth the risk because the creams, oils and edibles she made from her cannabis harvests had changed her life.

“I have comfortable movement, my depression is completely in remission at the moment,” she said.

“I’ve done that through using the plant medicine and I’m just so grateful that I have access to it, even though I need to do that illegally.”


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