They report…….Signed into law June 18 after failing to make it through the General Assembly in 2014, the legislation overhauls many of Delaware’s drug laws, making the state part of a growing number of jurisdictions reducing the penalties for marijuana possession. The statute also is likely to require changes to police and prosecutorial practices.

While marijuana remains illegal, and smoking it in public is still a criminal offense, supporters expect the new policy will reduce the number of arrests for what they often argue is a nonviolent offense.

Any individual older than 21 years of age found to be in possession of a personal use quantity of the drug, defined as 1 ounce or less of leaf marijuana, now will face a civil penalty of $100. The same law applies for an adult using cannabis in a private area. Previously, such a person would be subject to an unclassified misdemeanor, three months imprisonment and a $575 fine.

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