Dixie Brands, one of Denver’s early marijuana-infused product brands, has agreed to an acquisition deal with a private equity firm that specializes in cannabis mergers.

According to a joint announcement from Dixie and BR Brands, a branch of Connecticut-based marijuana investment firm Rose Capital, the transaction is valued at over $43.2 million and is expected to be finished by the third quarter of 2020.

Dixie Brands was founded in 2010 as a medical marijuana company, then known as Dixie Elixirs, and was one of the first commercial manufacturers of THC-infused drinks in Colorado. Over the past ten years, the company branched out, making edibles, topicals, capsules and other infused products. Dixie was able to attain a spot in the Canadian stock exchange before partnering with AriZona Iced Tea for a licensing deal in 2019.

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