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Here are, as they say, some take home points

According to Adherence Compliance, a Denver-based company that specializes in cannabis compliance, about 76% of all operators fail at least on inventory requirements, 72% on security and surveillance requirements, 67% on labeling and packaging, 64% on business records and 53% on transport and storage. “Compliance is the coming storm in California. Without operational compliance, everything is at risk,” said Steve Owens, CEO of Adherence Compliance.

His company has taken predictive analytics and machine learning and applied it to the cannabis industry to determine where a licensed business may fail next. By doing hundreds of compliance inspections with cannabis businesses that range from dispensaries to cultivation centers to manufacturers that make vape pens or edibles, Adherence Compliance has identified some specific failure patterns.

Currently, Adherence has determined that Illinois is the most compliant state, averaging a score of 97.1 out of 100. Illinois has not legalized adult-use marijuana and is a fairly young, smaller program that has a strict regulatory environment.