Department of Cannabis Control provides notice of modifications to proposed regulatory action

August 30, 2022

Notice of modifications of proposed text for large cultivation licenses and conversion to large and medium licenses regulations

DCC is providing notice to the public of modifications to the proposed regulatory action to adopt regulations to implement, interpret, and make specific requirements for obtaining a Large Cultivation License under MAUCRSA and to create a pathway for existing licensees to convert to a Large Cultivation License once the license type becomes available on January 1, 2023. The proposed regulations would also provide a pathway for existing licensees to convert to Medium Cultivation Licenses once the limitation on the number of such licenses that may be held by the same owner expires on January 1, 2023. These modifications provide changes to the text of regulations previously noticed to the public on June 17, 2022.

View the notice of modifications to proposed text and modified text of regulations below:

The modifications to the proposed text of regulations are shown in bold, double underlined and bold, double strikethrough type font.

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