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Our specialized cannabis team is composed of lawyers with expertise in business law, labour and employment law and information technology law. They have the experience and flexibility needed to advise you on a multitude of issues, including licences, financing, the legislative process, compliance with lobbying rules, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, labelling and marketing, distribution systems, antitrust, environmental concerns, fraud and cyber risk prevention, class actions, labour law and the workplace, information technology, regulation and intellectual property, to name but a few.

Our group can provide guidance on the legal repercussions of legalized cannabis on an organization’s human resource management. In most cases, employees on total temporary disability leave will be the ones consuming marijuana. Some of them, however, particularly those returning to work on a progressive basis, may continue to consume the substance, perhaps even during working hours. Moreover, recreational cannabis will also definitely have an effect on human resources management. In light of this momentous pending legislative change, the Langlois’ lawyers Labour Law team has spared no time in readying itself so that it can provide you with advice and counsel on how to set up comprehensive mechanisms for ensuring the health and safety of employees in the workplace and facilitating human resource management after the proposed legislation has been adopted.

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