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It is evident that top organizations are interested in cutting their costs and increasing value. With the rise of Cloud computing technology, data virtualization becomes in demand. Virtualization is the key reason to enhance customer and operational efficiency. It helps the clients overcome physical boundaries. There are a few certifications that can be of big help for those individuals who want to become an expert in the field. VMware is the international leading vendor when it comes to virtual technologies. Its credentials will make you a desirable employee. Of course, you need to pass the relevant certification tests. However, with Exam-labs on your side and its great study materials, you can pass the exams easily and get these amazing certificates.

Certification levels of VMware

Before discussing the top certificates related to virtualization, it is important to know what certification levels you can achieve and the prospects when it comes to a certain VMware credential.

VMware operates on four different certification levels. Starting from Associate (VCA), Professional (VCP), AdvancedProfessional (VCAP), and leading to Design Expert (VCDX).

  • VCA is the first step that is required to start your virtualization training with VMware. It is the basic entry-level certificate. Administrators and executives are the ideal candidates.
  • VCP brings more practicality. It is ideal for the engineers who are more prone to operations, including optimizing, managing, and manipulating data.
  • VCAP is specifically targeted at engineers and administrators. It requires a top-notch skill to carry on and build on the previous knowledge.
  • VCDX is the final step. It is primarily for the use of architects who can understand design concepts.

Certifications in Cloud Management and Automation

Cloud management and automation is a new trending application tool. Its importance is obvious by its connection to Global Fortune companies that use its services. The Cloud management and automation field isgrowing and influencing the market. Many surveys in the IT companies were conducted, and they concluded how the certified professionals of VMware are highly likely to get positions as executives. The increase in salary and extra benefits come with these certificates. Exam-labs is a professional service that gives assistance in training you for the certification exams. It has the necessary preparatory materials to guarantee a better result.

Certifications in Data Center Virtualization

The VMware infrastructure requires special consideration when it comes to managing data and implementing and installing environments. These credentials provide an individual with more flexibility in undertaking their tasks. VCDX is intended for an elite group that operates only on design basis and strengthening the architectural components of the framework through VMware solutions. This is a high sill requiring task for which a VCDX certificate is a must. When considering the vSphere technology, the certified employers provide better customer trust in the company due to their skills that are strengthened through the VMware certification process. We understand the essence of these credentials and the hard work to obtain them. That’s why Exam-labs is considered to be the right option for you to train and practice. This will help you in acquiring these top Data Center Virtualization certificates.

Certifications in Network Virtualization

Let’s analyze the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization certificate. VCP6-NV comes at a time when networking is a global concern globally. This certification also allows you to upgrade security measures with the addition of firewall as a VMware solution with full stack visibility and control. This strategy has recently been implemented by NSX to further enhance VMware solutions. To gain the VCP6-NV credential, you should obtain some experience in NSX technologies. Besides, you must complete the training course recommended by VMware. Before taking the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization test, you must pass one of the Foundation exams.

Given its importance and influence, the acquiring of this certificate requires dedication and hard work. Hence, Exam-labs is a trustworthy platform, which can give better results and help in acquiring the VCP certification with its resource materials.

Certifications in Desktop and Mobility

The Desktop and mobility certificates are also popular nowadays. Horizon has been leading the virtual desktop infrastructure and providing access to a single digital workspace for its customers. The credentials prove the skills in installing, figuring, managing, and designing of a VMware Horizon view environment that is primarily deployed on vSphere.

There are four VCP certifications related to Desktop and Mobility now. VCP-DTM 2019 measures the candidates’ knowledge of management and configuration of Horizon 7.5 environments. To be certified, you should first be experienced in Horizon 7.5 or 7.6 and vSphere 6.7. After that, you must opt for one of the offered trainings. The Foundation exams are also a prerequisite. Only after that, you will be able to take one of the professional desktop and mobility tests.

With its updated and perfectly structured practice tests, Exam-labs is still helpful when it comes to passing your exams to obtain the VMware certifications in Desktop and Mobility. Use different resources, exam dumps, and guides to succeed.


The VMware credentials have its benefits, and to avail them, one must be a certified member. For example, the offers and discounts include trying on beta classes and discount admission to events such as VMworld. VMware also pays well when you work for them.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned certifications and their prerequisites are essential for securing your career. Among the most sought-after ones are VCA-DBT, VCDX6-DCV, VCP6.5-DCV, VCP7-CMA. The certain credentials depend on your experience level and where you want to work. It also brings you many opportunities, as highlighted above, to help you excel in your desired field. To prepare for the certification exams, your best option must be Exam-labs, which will provide you with the information on the VMware tests and the relevant study materials to get you through them.

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