Do the experts support the buzz about CBD oil and its medical properties?

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Nowadays it is a common thing that anyone could see a piece of news about CBD oil or could meet a CBD user randomly every day. By this, there are two things we could understand. The first thing is CBD is not anymore seen as a fearful or forbidden or prohibited product and secondly, the people who use CBD are aware of the difference between weed and hemp.

There will be some questions coming such as: Are the medical properties of CBD oil real or is it just hype. Is it that really a medical miracle or just another overrated product?. For this question, I have answered in my article with the opinions of medical field experts and doctors.

CBD Buzz

As I said before it is very common to see people discussing CBD in public places and also we could find at least 3 out of 50 people have tried this hemp-extracted CBD oil.

This shows the popularity of these products as well as its activeness in our society. CBD oil is easily sold in your local stores and with the grace of these mobiles and computers, most customers like to buy CBD oil online.

If you look into any social media like Facebook groups, forums, news channels, youtube or Reddit, there will be some discussion about this hemp oil even right now. You don’t believe me? Then try this, search for CBD oil in Reddit and you will see pages of response and community.

A lot of organic stores have created a page and engaging with its users. Most of them are having success in their business since people like to use CBD oil for their personal needs regardless of the hype. Let me give you an overview of what medical experts are explaining the usage of CBD oil.


Experts Opinion on CBD oil

Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RDN says that cannabis is the only thing helped her father’s severe pain. After taking various attempts and several years of treatments, finally, CBD oil worked out for him. Due to severe pain and constipation, her dad is supposed to stay in the hospital most of the times and she did not have many choices in her hand. She asked the doctor’s opinion about trying medical marijuana and he welcomed that one.

Her father joined in medical marijuana plan and that’s how she found that cannabis could be the potential solution. After that Janice did her study about these cannabis plants. She is a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner which she got certified from the Holistic Cannabis Academy.

Janice also conveyed that Not all doctors and dieticians would write a patient to consume CBD oil, which is a plain truth. Most of them do not write it as a medical subscription due to the tricky state laws of this cannabis plant. But these Registered dieticians should consider the growing public interest.

Only 10 percent of medical schools have facilities and courses to study cannabis. But an RD or doctor can study & attend counselling about the therapeutic uses of CBD and cannabis plants.

Janice also stated that Cannabis and CBD are generally well tolerated under proper usage, with no harmful side effects.


Another expert Toby Amidor, MS, RD also conveyed information & facts about CBD. He also agreed and stood similar to the opinions of Janice Newell Bissex. Though some of the states have shown a green signal for CBD still controversy exists in many areas. He also conveyed that the usage of CBD has been tremendously increased up to 10 times among the adults and senior citizens.

Toby also says that Most of the health professionals have this common perspective that most of the cannabis users or people who inquire about it are just “stoners”. obviously, this prevents the spread of wellness of cannabis. RDs and health professionals can learn about it by studying and attending conferences about medical marijuana.

One of them is conducted last year “Going Green: Use of Medical Cannabis in Medical Nutrition Therapy” where it is discussed about the research details on the benefits of cannabis and the risks involved and applications of cannabis in diagnosis. RDs can also make use of Holistic Cannabis Academy which provides a training program for doctors and dieticians to become holistic cannabis practitioners.

Toby also conveyed that there are 2 forms of CBD exists in the market. Hemp-based and another cannabis-derived CBD is there. Both belong to the same plant species but almost similar kinds of health benefits. But they vary with the level of THC.

Hemp is having less than 0.3 percent of THC which makes it a bit safer. Hemp oil is legal in all states under the absence of THC. Those people who have jobs that demanding drug tests should avoid products containing THC.

A well-known pain management blogger – Julie Ryan is also doing a lot of research studies on CBD oil. She also provides a lot of information about CBD oil and gives the best CBD oil review. She speaks a lot about managing pain with different medically approved techniques. The factors she has used to review CBD oil vendors are unique and good.

Eileen Konieczny an industry expert in CBD oil field has been helping Julie Ryan to research about CBD oil. If you want to buy CBD oil online, is the best site to review CBD oil vendors.

FDA’s opinion on CBD oil

The FDA clearly understood and keep the health and safety of American people as its peak responsibility. They always follow a science-based approach when it comes to products like cannabis and derivatives. The FDA has stated clearly that the rules and regulations for drugs and dietary supplements are different from each other.

The FDA has approved the CBD as an active ingredient in the drug named Epidiolex which is to treat Epilepsy. The FDA has not yet regulated CBD as a dietary supplement yet. But it is reviewing this issue and trying to put a solid solution by conducting researches on it.

The usage of CBD oil as a dietary supplement has still many questions left unanswered. The everyday dosage levels, Does their impact varies with respect to the product form, drug to drug interactions, risks of long term usage, etc are there.

We did not know its usage and impacts over kids, senior citizens, pregnant and lactating women. So the FDA will wait till it gets the proper researches and detailed studies report which could be a clear answer to the above questions. The agency would likely see the drug approval process is the best way than going to allow it as a dietary supplement. In the meantime, the FDA will be working to build a regulatory framework for these non-drug uses such as dietary supplements.


Here my conclusion includes Janice’s research which has given the best guidelines to be followed and also with the FDA. Most states have passed a green signal for CBD usage but it is still mandatory to check with state laws before buying it. Also, check for the manufacturers followed clean extraction methods. Look for third-party lab tested reports from your seller.

The effects of CBD vary for every individual’s body and health condition. Hence don’t get carried away by CBD buzz. Most importantly one must consult their doctor’s opinion before buying CBD oil. It is legally safe if you use your doctor’s prescription.

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