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California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control had refused to give the DEA those documents, arguing in court filings that the federal agency did not provide an adequate explanation for why its agents wanted the paperwork.

No press release on the BCC site as of 2 September 2020

U.S. Magistrate Judge Linda Lopez sided with DEA  Monday, finding that the agency’s subpoena met the requirements for an enforceable request.

“The Court finds that the United States has sufficiently established the relevancy of the subpoena to meet the ‘not especially constraining’ standard,” the judge wrote in an order. “The Court does not find that the subpoena is too indefinite or broad.”

“The Court finds that the records sought in the subpoena—’all documents including unredacted cannabis license(s), unredacted cannabis license application(s), and unredacted shipping manifest(s)’—are relevant to an investigation into importation or transportation of marijuana ‘crude oil’ from Mexico by specific licensees. The Court thus finds that the subpoena and the communication between the agencies together are sufficient to establish the relevance of the requested records to the investigation.”

Here’s the order



Read about the order and its consequences at ( we’d suggest these two sources will give you the best information you need)

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California Must Turn Over Marijuana Documents To DEA, Federal Court Rules

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