Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight?

While some marijuana smokers say that smoking makes them eat less and that they have undergone considerable weight loss, others speak of the munchies – the intense drive to fill up on snacks right after smoking weed.

Ever wondered where the truth lies? Then you came to the right place. Let’s understand the current knowledge on the relationship between smoking weed and loss of weight.

Does Marijuana aid in Weight Loss?

Initially, weed and weight loss were linked together because of a 2011 review which include 2 surveys. The review said that the rates of obesity were higher among people who reportedly never had marijuana, compared to the rates amongst those who smoked marijuana at least thrice a week.


Soon after those results got published, another study conducted to examine the relationship between weed and obesity in younger people. Recently, a meta-analysis of the correlation between use of weed and body mass index (BMI) revealed that the smokers had remarkably low BMIs and obesity rates, but an enhanced calorie intake.

Among the more recent studies, American Journal of Medicine managed to survey almost 5000 adults, of which approximately 600 were what they classified as chronic marijuana users. They’ve found that people who smoked cannabis at least 3-5 times a week reported 16% lower fasting insulin levels.

Two years later, this study took data on 6281 persons from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2005 to 2012 were used to estimate the effect of marijuana use on cardiometabolic risk factors. Results were similar (lower fasting insulin, lower insulin resistance, lower body mass index, and waist circumference in users compared with nonusers).

Now, it’s important to say that there is still much to be researched in terms of this relationship.


Pain Relief

Marijuana, when used well, can relieve pain and symptoms of stiffness. Thus, smoking marijuana may come handy to people with issues of mobility.

Might Cause Some People to Drink Less

Some studies and experts believe that young people who consume marijuana take less alcoholic drinks compared to the others. The calorie intake, possibly arising from the alcohol is thereby reduced and could be attributed to the lower BMI.

Lowering Stress

Constantly being under stress has a lot of side effects. Stress eating is one of them. Recent study from 2017 showed that people are prone to overeating and resort to comforting food when under stress. Marijuana is known to ease anxiety levels and help maintain one’s calm when stressed.

Nowadays it’s easy to get a hold of marijuana products. A popular option is ordering of cannabis products through online weed dispensary. You can order online and get everything delivered straight to your home in a matter of days – or even hours, depending on your location.

May Improve Sleep

It has been proven time and again that poor night’s sleep is a major contributing factor to the obesity of several people. Certain evidence has proved that quality weed may cure insomnia. Additionally, it is also known to work in stress and pain reduction, 2 main factors that hinder a good night’s sleep.

May Boost Metabolism

Two years ago, study from Department of Biological Sciences showed that weed reacts with cannabinoid receptors in your body, which play a key role in metabolism and food intake. Greater amounts of weed appear to increase the rate of metabolism and thereby reduce storage of energy, leading to lower BMIs.

We now know that Marijuana does not initiate any sudden weight loss. Research now focuses on uncovering the amplitude and extent of this relationship.


Few Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis Diet

First you have to realize that losing body weight is not as simple as to use a few cannabis products here and there. If you think that marijuana will compensate for over-eating, lack of movement and other unhealthy habits, it won’t. As with many other things, there are certain important principles you should adhere to get the most out of the marijuana diet. Here they are:

  • Start Exercising – no surprise there, being active stimulates your metabolism, whether it is just walking around the block, going to the gym or doing yoga.
  • Pick the Right Strain – high-THCV strains can suppress your appetite, maintain the right glucose level in your system and reduce insulin resistance levels, which makes them perfect for fighting obesity.
  • Quit drinking – alcohol is rich in calories, expensive and offers no nutritional value. This study has proven that cannabis users tend to drink much less alcohol – this might be helpful to quit excessive drinking.


There is clear evidence that smoking marijuana helps with weight loss. That being said, some researchers still advocate that there is still no strong proof that marijuana is linked directly to weight loss. It might be of indirect help in issues of poor sleep and chronic pain and other areas, but more research seems to be needed to draw a definite conclusion.


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