Donors to Montana pro cannabis campaign accused of breaking law says state’s Commissioner of Political Practices

Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices plans to ask the county attorney in Helen to look at prosecuting a legalize-recreational marijuana campaign committee called North Fund. Reports NBC Montana.

The report goes on to say

We told you first before the election how North Fund poured over $4 million into I-90, the Montana ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana.

Our reporting about the North Fund group led state campaign officials to ask their own questions.

North Fund claims to be a non-partisan social impact organization.

We tried to dig into where they raised millions to give to to New Approach Montana, the group behind legalizing recreational marijuana in Montana.

Campaign finance forms won’t tell you who’s donated to North Fund, so we took that to the Commissioner of Political Practices, who had his own questions.

Now the COPP decided North Fund’s decisions broke Montana’s campaign law.

In his decision, the commissioner writes he’ll ask the Lewis and Clark County Attorney to decide whether to prosecute. Should the attorney say no? The commissioner says he reserves the right to file a criminal complaint in Montana’s courts.


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