Duane Morris Cannabis Webinar Series: Cannabis 402: Sustainable and Realistic Energy Solutions for Cannabis Operators


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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 | 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Eastern



Cannabis 402: Sustainable and Realistic Energy Solutions
for Cannabis Operators

Cannabis licensees frequently promise that sustainable and net zero or low carbon energy will power their energy-intensive cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. In some states, cannabis and energy regulators are becoming more interested in imposing these goals as requirements given the intense power needs of the growing industry. But it has proven hard to deliver on sustainable energy promises when constructing facilities on inevitably tight time frames.
A panel of seasoned energy industry professionals will join Duane Morris energy and cannabis attorneys to provide an overview and economically feasible and implementable energy solutions that can deliver on sustainability goals established by operators and regulators including:
> a macro overview of the energy issues nationally,
> regulatory and statutory requirements for energy efficiency and sustainable generation,
> federal and state incentive/subsidy programs, and
> cost-saving, feasible technical solutions that have proven successful in cannabis and other industries.
The program will be oriented to provide operators, energy providers and their business teams actionable intelligence.
Moderator Presenters
Paul Josephson Steve Almeida, Jr. AJ Perkins
Partner and Team Lead
Duane Morris Cannabis
Industry Group
Director, Fuel Cells & CHP
Aris Energy Solutions
Instant ON
Adam Zellner Phyllis J. Kessler
Greener by Design, LLC
Of Counsel
Duane Morris LLP




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