Dutch Medical Cannabis Industry Bands Together To Counter Misinformation

A new website, launched to counter myths in the industry, is being supported by the official Dutch medical supply chain.

Click on the website of the Institut of Medicinale Cannabis and you know you have encountered a “serious” website for the industry. For one thing, its sponsors are some of the best-known cannabis names both globally and more locally, starting with Bedrocan.

The second is that it translates to English smoothly.

All jokes aside, it is clear that the coalition of companies and non-profits behind the site mean business. Namely that they want to dispel myths about what medical cannabis is – and is not. Including the assertion that GMP grade (or pharmaceutical standard) cannabis is NOT like what you are likely to encounter in coffee shops.

It is an interesting campaign, coming as it does on the heels of a federal attempt to finally regulate the coffee shop grows domestically. And certainly, given the importance of Holland as the go-to source of exported cannabis (from Israel to Germany and the UK).

The information on the site is valid and necessary (indeed it is a wonder why the German industry has not done a similar thing yet).

Regardless, it is a site that has its work cut out for it.

To the average consumer, including patients, the concept of GMP is an amorphous one. So is the idea of “controlled dosing” – no matter how much that conversation is now absolutely in the room, and in a big way.

Read more at ICBC

The Dutch Medical Cannabis Industry Bands Together To Counter Misinformation

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