I have to say Cannabiz Australia has been a great read today and further strengthens my views here at CLR about the nexus between  Australian government agencies and the rarified world of listed medical cannabis companies in this great sunburnt country of ours.

In an article entitled

TGA boss tells industry: ‘future dosing limits are in your hands’

(TGA) boss John Skerritt has called on the industry to prove CBD can work safely and effectively at higher doses and help rework the current rules “which are not written in stone”.

Describing 150mg/day as ‘a compromise’, Skerritt told delegates at the MCIA’s virtual ACannabis EVOLVE conference today that the scheduling of cannabis products has been changed several times over recent years.

Don’t wait until you write your life’s thesis,” he added.

That reads to us.. “here we have given up thinking about this you tell us what we should do and it’ll happen, ever so slowly though”



Meanwhile over at the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Dr Philip Wright, chief scientist  has  told the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) to draw up a cultivation research strategy to address the challenges facing the sector. Cannabiz reports.

Adding , the industry body should take a prominent research role and exploit the ‘unique strengths’ offered by Australia’s background in plant sciences.


Chief scientist calls on MCIA to draw up research strategy

It’s probably just me but the abdication of responsibilty by  Federal & State government bodies to a specific cannabis industry sector that is  limited to a few companies and individuals is complete. Liberal party public private partnership theology has done its work here .

What any of this has to do with improving medical patient access in Australia is beyond my small brain.

Mick, Keef, Brian, Bill & Charlie  knew the score back in 68