Economist Article: African cannabis growers are on a high

We’re surprised in 2020 that the Economist is so strong on the puns… we’re all a little bored of that by this stage of the proceedings. That said, it is the Economist so this article is worth a quick peruse to see how they are analysing the Afican regulated cannabis market


They write by way of introduction ( and yes .. more puns on the way)

But their crop is not for smoking

When he was a child, Lauben Kabagambe’s grandparents in western Uganda would boil cannabis leaves to treat sick animals. “I grew up knowing that it is a medicine,” he recalls. Today, as the boss of Industrial Hemp, a Ugandan cannabis company, he is growing weed in computer-controlled greenhouses in partnership with a subsidiary of Together Pharma, an Israeli firm. In April they exported 250kg of medical cannabis to Israel, the first commercial batch ever to leave Uganda.

Africans have been smoking pot for generations: traces have been found on 14th-century pipes in Ethiopia. In colonial times its use was condemned by the church and banned by the state. Now..

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