Editorial Manteca / Ripon Bulletin: Cheech & Chong could have done a better job with legalizing marijuana than tax addicts in Sacramento

Excellent editorial and well worth your time. If it is a relection of how people are thinking locally around the state ( it is)  then things will have to change

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Back in 1967 if someone had told you that a judge would one day be presiding over a case where a “pot head” was suing a “dealer” for false advertising you’d be wondering if they were talking about a Cheech & Chong skit.

It’s 2023 and —as Rod Serling would say — “you’ve just crossed over into The Twilight Zone”.

Blake Wilson of Fresno and Jasper Centeno of Long Beach several months ago filed a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

They’re suing DreamField Brands for false advertising.

DreamField Brands is a purveyor of legally grown marijuana.

The beef is that the firm’s pre-rolled joints marketed under the name “Jeeter” is advertising its THC content much higher than it actual delivers.

THC is shorthand for the chemical responsible for most of the psychological effects of marijuana.

Without getting too far into the weeds — pun intended — Wilson and Centeno contend some of the Jeeter products they have purchased and had tested at an independent lab had THC content between 23% and 27% instead of being as high as 40% as product labels indicated.

The class action lawsuit has to be a first.

It also underscores a brave new world of litigation we’re drilling down into as a society

How many liquor and beer buyers do you think have cans of Coors or bottles of Absolut Vodka, for example, tested at an independent lab to make sure the percentage of alcohol on the label was correct?

Or do you know of any Marlboro “men” or Virginia Slims “babies” that have filed lawsuit because tar and nicotine levels in their cigarettes were lower than what they were led to believe?

A Johnny-Come-Lately to the mass market of legal products designed to give you a buzz or “calm” you down has landed as a defendant in a court system that for decades has been attuned to deciding whether people were breaking the law by being in possession of marijuana. Now judges are being asked to rule to make sure marijuana is giving its users a high enough buzz.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The lawsuit states the plaintiffs were “misled and harmed” by incorrect labels. That is why they are accusing DreamField Brands of false advertising, negligent representation, and unfair competition.

As such they want damages, restitution, attorney fees and an injunction against DreamField Brands.

Bet those running organized gangs selling marijuana don’t have attorneys on retainer to defend them against product satisfaction lawsuits.

Nor do they have to worry about taxes.

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