Edwardsville City Illinois Approves Tax Ordinance

EDWARDSVILLE – The hot topic on the Edwardsville City Council Meeting slate Tuesday was a cannabis tax. Art Risavy filled in for Mayor Hal Patton at the meeting.

The second reading of an ordinance adopting a municipal cannabis retailers’ occupation tax was quickly agreed to by the council.

“The Illinois municipal cannabis retailers occupation tax law authorizes municipal cannabis retailers occupation tax at a rate not to exceed three percent on the retail sale of cannabis. Retail sales of cannabis may begin January 1, 2020,” said Risavy.

The approval of this ordinance will add an additional three percent tax on cannabis purchases, on top of normal taxes, within Edwardsville. This would reach the maximum tax by state law.

“Now that it was approved, I want to be apart of this approval and also apart of these restrictions, but I would like it to be known that I was opposed,” said Risavy before the tax vote, referring to his initial opposition to the sale of cannabis in Edwardsville.

Source:  https://www.riverbender.com/articles/details/tax-on-cannabis-edwardsville-city-council-approves-measure-at-regular-meeting-37104.cfm

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