Dinner With Mark Twain: Emily Flippen Of Motley Fool Invites Some People To Dinner

Dinner With Mark Twain



Dinner With Mark Twain . If you had a dinner party and could invite five guests today to join yourself and Mr Clemens which five guests would you invite for  great conversation?


Emily: The first one that comes to mind is actually Richard Nixon who was a US history professor, and a former president that was very involved in my childhood, trying to get him to enlighten me on how he thinks about how regulatory policies, especially as they apply to things like environment, can come about in the United States.

That provides not only some exciting conversation, but also some interesting conversation with an interesting person. Candidates would be interested to hear his thought process about if you were in charge, how you go about the process of finding regulations to best suit the cannabis industry, while also protecting things like social justice. 

Another one that comes to mind is actually Jack Dorsey. He’s the CEO of square and Twitter, and he’s a little bit of a personality. But he’s a CEO that I have followed for quite some time. And I think we have a lot in common. I would have so much fun picking his brain a little bit about how he goes about managing. 


CLR: I love that I actually love those two guests so far. You’re on a roll.

Emily: Another guest who immediately comes to mind is Ben Clover. He’s the CEO of Green Thumb Industries. I’m interested to have them as dinner guests because I would have the opportunity to interview them in a more formal setting than at their headquarters.

It was the first candidate that I talked to that didn’t make me feel like he was trying to sell me something. And in fact, he was visibly nervous.

When we were doing the interview. I got off subject a little bit and asked a couple of questions, and he did a wonderful job of answering them. But you could tell he was nervous, and also a really insightful guy. 

I would love to get him in a more casual setting, like maybe I was cross examining him about his business. I would just talk to him about the cannabis industry because he got his start, in large part, because his family tree actually comes back to cannabis prohibition in the United States.

I believe it was his great grandfather, or somebody in the family who actually jumped on the opportunity for post-prohibition cannabis cultivator and production. 


CLR: Those three together, I imagine — from a leadership point of view, would have an excellent conversation with you. A quite unique dinner party, but fun, and that’s the point of this.

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