End of Week Story… “Dog the Bounty Hunter signs partnership with CBD Global Sciences to create and sell ‘Dog Unleashed CBD’

We have officially reached peak CBD !

Yes if this is where we are it can only be downhill after this !

The press release

Denver, Colorado, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — CBD Global Sciences, Inc. (OTC: CBDNF) (CSE: CBDN) (Frankfurt:GS3), (“CBD Global” or the “Company”), today announced the finalization of an agreement with Dog the Bounty Hunter to launch a CBD product line branded as ‘Dog Unleashed CBD’ which will coincide with his upcoming reality TV docudrama called ‘Dog Unleashed’ in Q2 of 2021.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and CBD Global Sciences have partnered to create a new CBD brand called ‘Dog Unleashed CBD’ which will roll out Q1 2021 with a robust line of CBD products aimed at addressing multiple ailments in the human body using a holistic approach. Initial sales of Dog Unleashed CBD can be found at www.dogunleashedcbd.com, an internet sales platform that is set to open by the end of this month. The product launch is timed to coincide with the fourth airing of his reality TV docudrama airing on a subscription-based app and streaming online. While testing the waters on viewership, Dog had over 30,000 new subscribers after just two Instagram postings about the new show. Viewership for the new docudrama is expected to beat all previous records.

Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) has begun enlisting from his 6,000,000+ followers on multiple social media platforms to sign up for the airing of his new season. Dog was introduced to Aethics CBD (www.aethics.com) and appreciated the focus on efficacy with the brand and delivery mechanisms for CBD in multiple product lines. Dog expressed his desire to assist people around him with ailments such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and multiple other ailments that impact people today. In an interview with Dog, he said, “I have been approached by many CBD companies over the past 24-months and CBD Global Sciences has exceeded my expectations as the right company to deliver a quality product to my followers, something that will actually work and help them feel better. I was introduced to Cannabis during my wife’s battle with cancer and can speak to how it assisted her in pain management and other aspects of the battle that she endured. Growing to know the team at CBD Global Sciences, I came to find comfort in the fact that I can share this product with my six million plus fans and be confident that they will be thoroughly pleased with the CBD products that we will be selling.” He also stated that “CBD allows me to recover from bumps and bruises and calms the anxiety from the daily stress of catching bad guys without impairing my ability to operate or think clearly as CBD does not get you high.”

Brad Wyatt, CEO of CBD Global Sciences, shared, “I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Dog and Francie on this CBD project and look forward to helping them spread the word about the positive impact of CBD on the human body.”


Dog Unleashed (launching Q2 2021) will be the fourth show that Dog has launched.  This brand has moved to online streaming and subscription-based viewing. Past shows have set records on three different networks, A&E, CMT and WGN, on which he still holds the record for the most viewed shows in the past 15 years. Promotional interviews that will highlight both the upcoming docudrama and the Dog Unleashed CBD has already begun and will continue with several daytime shows including Dr. Oz, Ellen, Tamron Hill, Entertainment Tonight and multiple Fox affiliates. Most interviews will be completed virtually and through various social media platforms due to the realities of COVID-19.

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