Why anybody would be surprised by this is beyond us. Covid or no Covid the UK government would have dragged their heels on this.

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England’s medical cannabis market has barely gotten off the ground since launching about 19 months ago, with a two-tier system in which few patients access products through legal channels while most resort to illicit suppliers.


Because they’re only rarely covered by insurance, unlicensed medical cannabis products remain at a competitive disadvantage to licensed medicines.

A recent report by the U.K.’s Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group identified the following obstacles to accessing unlicensed cannabis-based products:

  • Limited evidence on quality, safety and efficacy.
  • Limited medical education.
  • High costs.
  • Unreliable supply.

Like anywhere else on the planet, if they decided they wanted to do something it would happen. They don’t want to do anything and the current health and economic disaster currently in play will just push out decisions for another 2-3 years unless they see a good tax argument !


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England’s medical cannabis market shows little growth as of early 2020