European Roundup: Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Poland

European Roundup: Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Poland


Health minister does not prescribe medical cannabis or give instructions to do so

Regarding the item in Tales from the Coffeeshop (Sunday Mail, 16 July 2017), claiming that doctors of the Oncology Centre of the Bank of Cyprus, received a letter from the minister of health, which gave instructions for the issuing of a prescription for cannabis oil to a patient, we would like to clarify that the procedure in the case of a request for the prescription of cannabis oil is the following:

The patient sends a letter to the minister of health, attaching the report from the doctor treating him, asking the minister to approve, as an exception, the provision of cannabis oil, as part of his treatment.    MORE AT LINK ABOVE


It appears it isn’t just Nevada having this problem

The Cannabis Shortage Plaguing German Pharmacies

The Cannabis Shortage Plaguing German Pharmacies


Greece Legalizes Medical Marijuana Opening the Door for Cannabusiness

Last week Greece legalized marijuana for medicinal use. The current Prime Minister Alexia Tsipras has opened the door for medical cannabis businesses to start planning. Just like any business owner it is important that Greek purveyors have the proper business plan and start-up capital. Potential business owners must first decide the scope of their business plan. Some questions must first be answered when writing a cannabusiness plan.


  • Will you be operating a marijuana grow?
  • Would you like to own a marijuana dispensary?
  • Do you want to own an infused product facility?
  • Or would you like to own a combination or rather all three types of facilities?

You need a consultant to help you write your business plan and also to begin licensing. Greece has not laid out the exact regulation yet. They have made it apparent that they will look to export marijuana based medicine to other EU countries with legal cannabis. That possibility of export is quite enticing to potential investors as well as business owners. Once your cannabusiness plan is complete the next step is to secure funding. To secure funding you have a few more questions to answer.


Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Poland President Signs MMJ Legalization Measure




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GOP Lawmaker Says Trump Administration Will Soon Unveil a Federal Marijuana Reform Plan

It Starts !! Guardian Article - "Dazed and confused: Canada cannabis legalization brings complex new laws"

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