Even Aldi Are Picking Up On Industrial Hemp & In Their Wednesday Special Buys Sale Section Too !

Aldi might still be a mystery for those of you in the  US, as for the rest of the planet we now know Aldi as well as we know Ikea.

AND.. everybody knows Wednesday in bargains day

We thought you might enjoy the fact that they have moved into the world of industrial hemp selling hemp bedsheets in a very fetching looking green !

If you don’t believe us read on



The press release goes like this

Aldi has turned over a green leaf for their upcoming Special Buys sale with an eco-friendly range of products made from hemp — yes, that hemp.

Also known as ‘industrial hemp,’ the plant itself and the food and materials that can be made from it are often misunderstood or lumped in with the drug cannabis.

That’s where our favourite German supermarket comes in. Aldi is selling chic and affordable 100 per cent hemp sheet sets as part of it Special Buys on Wednesday, October 14.

The sheets will be available in two sizes only: Queen for $139.99 and King $149.99. Sets come in four on-trend colours — forest green, blue, sand and rust — and include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with a 40cm wall and two pillowcases.

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