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Chicago: 2018 Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo

November 13, 2018 - November 15, 2018

2018 Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo at the reduced registration of $195.

You will have full access to the entire Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo

Use discount code “CIJ18” when registering to adjust the registration fee to $195

Cannabis Industry Journal , sister publication of Food Safety Tech is pleased to organize an all-new Cannabis Quality track. This conference is a great opportunity for Cannabis professionals who are developing, producing Cannabis-Infused Edibles and need to learn food safety and quality best practices, with presentations that include:


What’s in my Weed?

Ben Gelt, Board Chair of the CCC, to moderate a panel of leading edible producers to discuss supply chain, production and other difficulties in creating cannabis products and the challenges inherent in teaching consumers to be more discerning. Panelists include: Leslie Siu,

Founder/CEO Mother & Clone Jenna Rice, Director of Operations Gron

Kristen Hill, MIP Director, Native Roots Dispensary Geoff Sugerman, CCO

Groundworks Industries. Each panelist leads an edible company that is on the market in multiple states including, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and more. Each has developed their own stringent protocol for sourcing cannabis – learn about what they do to  ensure their inputs meet their product standards. Learn directly from these leading producers how they navigate the regulatory, safety, compliance and business environments and how they anticipate the market evolving.

Current Status of Hemp and CBD on the Federal and State Levels

We are sitting on the doorstep of a new era when hemp and CBD will be fully legal on a national level (and by the time of this presentation we may already be there). Most people, however, know very little about hemp or CBD despite CBD’s emergence as a popular food additive which many believe has medicinal properties that can treat or alleviate symptoms of a wide variety of physical and mental ailments. This presentation provides background on hemp and CBD, an update on the current legal status of both hemp and CBD, what changes are on the horizon and a look at both products current and prospective markets.

Resources and Tools on Food Safety Regulation of Cannabis-Infused Products

Learn about the helpful tools and resources recently developed that will assist regulators and industry in their efforts to train staff and be able to get food safety systems in place as quickly as possible. This includes the Guidelines for Food Safety Regulations of Cannabis-Infused Products, and the Cannabis 101: Glossary of Related Terms handbook. This session will also include an interactive “focus group” discussion with the audience around what trainings, tools, and resources are needed to ensure public health and safety. The ABC’s of Hemp and Cannabis CBD: Food Safety, Testing, and Regulatory One of the challenges to edible manufacturers is to address and correct the root cause of a contamination. This informative session will review the most common pathogens and outline how cross-contamination can take place. We will also examine the finished product testing and regulatory challenges that manufacturers face. Accreditation, Regulation & Certification: Cannabis Labs and Production This panel will include information on ISO/IEC 17025 –what’s expected, benefits of accreditation, common deficiencies, updates to the new 17025 standard, standards available for production facilities-GMPs & GFSI standards, how standards can be used to safeguard the quality of production and safety requirements and an open discussion with panelists from leading accreditation bodies on the state of cannabis lab testing.

Panelists include: Christopher Gunning, Life Sciences Accreditation Manager with the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), Roger Muse, Vice President, ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), Lauren Maloney, Food Safety Program Accreditation Manager, Perry Johnson Food Safety International and Tracy Szerszen, President/Operations Manager, Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation (PJLA). Edibles Manufacturing – No need to reinvent the wheel

As the Cannabis industry transitions from a grower and farmer focus to food manufacturing, understanding the nuances of this market, along with applying food safety and quality best practices is going to be critical to its success. Join us for an interactive discussion on the Edibles market

Cannabis: A Compliance Revolution – What is the role of Food Safety in Cannabis?

Just like any other agricultural products, Cannabis is not immune to having food safety issues associated with it. The following have been as hazards for the Cannabis derived products: Biological:

Pathogens such as Salmonella spp. and pathogenic E. coli, and pathogenic Mold spp.; Chemical: Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Solvent Residues, and Heavy Metals; Physical: Filth.

Cannabis Food Safety – A Risk Not Worth Taking

This presentation is an intro to food safety for the cannabis industry in order to prepare for regulatory standards and requirements.The goal is assist manufactures in implementing standards earlier in the process before they become industry standards.Prevention is also a goal of this presentation. If Cannabis can avoid many of the mistakes the food industry made, regarding food safety, man consumers will be protected.

Lessons Learned in Food Safety and Applied to Cannabis-infused Edibles A hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) plan historically has been applied by the food manufacturing industry, later the foodservice industry and now to cannabis-infused edible manufacturer in some states for the control of food safety. Both a food facility and a restaurant strive to sell food that is safe for consumption, that will not cause injury or illness. As the cannabis industry grows in the manufacture of cannabis-infused products, namely edibles, lessons can be learned from the progress and success of programs like Good

Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), HACCP, Juice HACCP and the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Preventive Controls for Human Food rule. One side of the coin is compliance with regulations; the other side of the coin is taking all necessary steps to ensure a safe cannabis-infused edible for all consumers.Topics explored in this talk include: GMPs are the foundation of food safety, HACCP builds on GMPs, define and review the origins of HACCP, HACCP is applied to foodservice, workforce training in food safety, the food industry goes beyond HACCP, write and follow a food safety plan, suppliers play a role in food safety, and be a great leader in the cannabis industry. The talk will end with a reality check of the immunocompromised consumer of cannabis-infused edibles, a to-do list for cannabis-infused edible manufacturers and resources for industry and inspectors.


This conference is a great opportunity for Cannabis professionals who are developing, producing Cannabis-Infused Edibles and need to learn food safety and quality best practices. Additional Conference Tracks include:

Operations: This category showcases innovative ways to improve your organization’s operations, with topics from sanitation to food safety training to even expanding your current facility

Compliance: Keep up with important guidelines for FDA compliance,

Hazard Detection: From allergens and pathogens to foreign object detection, study methods for hazard detection and prevention

Supply Chain: Managing a supply chain is a daunting task for most organizations. Get fresh insights and learn new techniques in this challenging but important area of your business

Cannabis Quality: Cannabis is a growing industry, and this track will focus on ensuring quality in cannabis production





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Use discount code “CIJ18” when registering to adjust the registration

fee to $195



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November 13, 2018
November 15, 2018