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February 1


The Next Step in Europe

Spain represents Europe’s largest cannabis market yet to legalise medical cannabis. However, with strong social support fueling a shift in the political debate and changes abound across the continent, reform is inevitable. With 84% of the population in favour of medical cannabis, a burgeoning commercial industry and one of the most innovative biomedical sectors in the world, Spain is fast becoming the most promising industry in the region.

Join us for the first-ever Cannabis Europa Madrid, on 5th February 2020 to discuss the most pertinent questions for the Spanish and European industries. Our network of experts and industry leaders will focus on Spanish legislation, European regulations, Madrid’s booming research community, investment opportunities and the latest innovation from across the region.

Cannabis reform in Europe, and in Spain, is quickly becoming a cross-party campaign. Softening attitudes from the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare establishment and the media towards the cannabis plant have reinforced this momentum. Despite the absence of a properly defined medical cannabis access programme, Spain is home to licensed producers, R&D companies and organisations, while its universities are some of the leading academic organisations driving research forward. On 5th February 2020, leaders from the world’s of science, policy and commerce will gather to tackle core issues and shape the future of the European cannabis market.

Learn, Network, Debate

Cannabis Europa in Madrid will bring a balance of political, scientific, and business conversations to address head-on the issues of regulating cannabis in Spain and around Europe. Join us to learn, network, and debate with the leaders building Europe’s nascent cannabis industry.

One year after the EU Parliament voted in favour of a resolution for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, we will review what has been done by the EU Commission since, and what to expect from the 2019-2024 Commission on this matter. As the 6th largest economy in the EU, Spain is likely to play a pivotal role in the development of both policy and the industry in the Union.

As the access to medical cannabis in Europe is poised to take the form of cannabinoid based medicines, we will analyse the role that Spain’s pharmaceutical sector will play in the development of medical cannabis in Europe, and Spain’s opportunity to become a leader in the nascent European medical cannabis industry.

Cannabis Europa in Madrid will bring together researchers and medical professionals together to not only highlight the role of clinical trials and pharmacological drug development in developing cannabinoid based medicines, but aims to push the boundaries of uncharted research and technological innovations that increase the medical applications of cannabinoids and thereby reinforce society, political leaders, and private stakeholders’ understanding of the medical benefits of the cannabis plant.

Country Delegations

To drive these conversations Cannabis Europa will convene country delegations made up of thought-leading politicians, regulators, patient advocates, medical practitioners, researchers, innovators and more, in order to increase the sharing of knowledge and best practice in Europe, and accompany the development of the nascent medical cannabis industry in Europe.

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