Eventually Some In Australian Medical Cannabis Sector Get That Supply & Pricing Is Actually An Issue

Australian  site Cannabiz reports today that some industry insiders are rallying behind a warning / directive sent out earlier  in the week by the TGA others are beginning to see the light and realize you can’t blame the consumer and the black market because the so called official market is unable to supply product and if it does it is usually at a price that most just simply can’t afford.

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3 May 2021: TGA – “TGA warns consumers about potential harm from unlawfully supplied medicinal cannabis”


As we mentioned in our report that’s all well and good if there is


A) Any Product Available

B) It is available at a price that means people don’t have to remortgage their house !


Per the Cannabiz report this is completely lost on people like Dr Alistair Vickery who sounds as though he works for a company that sells laxatives  rather than medical cannabis,  he just keeps reading from the spreadsheet script rather than understanding the world we actually live in.

The report was backed by Dr Alistair Vickery, medical director of Emyria, who said online, illegal medicinal cannabis should not be trusted.

Dr Alistair Vickery: online illegal medicine cannot be trusted

“A large systemic analysis in the UK of online cannabinoid products found that 80% of such products did not contain the quantities or the specific cannabinoids advertised,” he told Cannabiz. “Indeed, 40% contained no active cannabinoids at all.

“We are fortunate in Australia to have access to a highly regulated market. People can be assured that, with prescribed GMP products, what is written on the box is what is in the box.”



Luckily though, it appears, eventually, others in the industry are beginning to get it.

It only took about a decade !

But Medcan Australia founder and chief executive Craig Cochran said more work was needed to draw people away from illegally sourced medicine.

He said the legal industry will “not be taken seriously” unless it can “compete” with the green market.

“The reality of the market is that the biggest competitor to the legal industry is the online ‘green market’,” Cochran said.  “The legal industry is the ‘new’ alternative and it will take education, price, quality and ease of access for the legal industry to take market share from the illicit market.”

“The public isn’t necessarily aware of the fact that when it comes to oils, the legal prescription market has cheaper, safer, tested alternatives”.

However, Cochran acknowledged the cost of legally imported dried flower was more expensive than that available on the black market.

“The Australian industry won’t be taken seriously until it can compete on price, quality and with the ease of access of the green market.


Progress ?   

Let’s. see

Read the full Cannabiz report at  https://www.cannabiz.com.au/industry-backs-tga-over-illicit-cannabis-but-price-remains-a-barrier-for-legal-channels/

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