Excelsior College PA Launches “Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control”

“Prepare to Take the Lead in a Rapidly Growing New Industry” writes the college..

Here’s the course description which reads a bit like a mix between business and humanities for cannabis.

Something we’ve been waiting a long time to see as 99% of courses advertised so far have really stuck to the science and growing of cannabis.

Looking at governance within the cannabis sector we’d suggest the UCLAs and Berkelys of this world  look at smarter humanities and law based courses that can really train the next generation of business leaders to understand and question a lot more than the current generation of carpetbaggers.

The blurb reads as follows

Cannabis is estimated to become a multibillion-dollar industry by 2025. As more states move toward both medical and adult-use cannabis legalization, organizations in public and private sectors will require a deeper understanding of the newly emerging and consistently changing regulatory environment.

Excelsior College’s Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control will educate you on the opportunities, challenges, and complexities of the cannabis industry and its accompanying regulations. You will learn to develop your critical thinking skills and deepen your knowledge base to understand the impact of cannabis legalization in our communities, states, and nation as a whole, enabling you to keep pace in this fast-changing environment.

The unique interdisciplinary approach prepares you to converse with policymakers, industry leaders, proprietors, and other stakeholders across the many professions that the cannabis industry touches.

Fast Facts:

Over the past four years (2017–2020), the legal cannabis industry has doubled in size, and projections indicate this growth to continue until 2028.

Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. job market (Source: Markets Insider)

Compliance managers’ average salary is $62,500 with a range from $45K to $149K (Cannabis Industry Salary Guide 2018: Vangst)

Source: https://www.excelsior.edu/program/graduate-certificate-in-cannabis-control/

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