It’s what we’ve been telling anybody who’ll listen in the USA  legal services cannabis sector.

You have the skills, knowledge and history, but those Canadians will beat you to it in the international market if you don’t get out there.

Bob Hoban knows this and is acting quickly.

Our tip to a Canadian law firms or US ones if they’ll listen.

The Australian lawyers / firms aren’t taking it that seriously. There are literally a couple of individuals out there  getting involved in the market and as far as we are aware only 1 person at a bigger firm.

Open serviced offices in Sydney and Melb and start  drawing in the endless private wealth investors and young Australian companies looking to get into the cannabis and hemp sectors.

It is worth noting that an Australian company , only last week, announced they were opening 3 offices in China to get involved in their hemp market.

We’d suggest using Australia as the springboard for the China market. Singapore is still in the 1950’s when it comes to the product, Hong Kong is now beholden to Beijing so you might as well be in Shanghai and everywhere else in the region, well, we’d apply the word “basketcases”

We digress.. here’s the report