February 9 2021: City of Desert Hot Springs Planning Commission

PUBLIC HEARINGS: Two Bunch Palms Specific Plan Amendment

(SP-20-3) and Environmental Impact Report Addendum (ENV-20-5) Extension of Time (TE 20-24, TE 20-25, TE 21-1) for Conditional Use Permit Nos. 09-15, 18-16, and 38-17 (Applicants: Joanna Chien and John Cotten) Conditional Use Permit No. 20-21: A Request from Desert Highlanders LLC to Amend the Previously Approved Conditional Use Permit No. 21-17 to Allow (2) Metal-(SIP) Architectural Solar Greenhouses. Each… Conditional Use Permit No. 20-05 Development Permit No. 20-16 and Environmental No. 20-6: An Application for the Construction of a 3,992 Square Foot Cannabis Building Within the Light Industrial Zonin…


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