Field Trip appoints former US Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle as a special adviser

It had to happen at some point……

Toronto’s Field Trip (CSE: FTRP) has brought Sen. Tom Daschle, one of the longest-serving Senate Democratic leaders in history, on board as a special adviser to the company. CEO Joseph del Moral said the company will benefit from three decades of experience working on public policy.

Why he’s joining: The South Dakota native said the global mental health crisis — made worse by Covid-19 — means there’s a “urgent need” for psychedelic assisted therapy.

“There is a paradigm shift underway in our understanding about the role that psychedelics can play in the field of mental health and well-being,” he said, “being primarily driven by scientists that are dedicating their time and energy to studying and understanding these molecules.”

Sen. Daschle will receive a stipend and options consistent with what members of the board receive.

Source: Report On Psychedelics

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