Filament administers psilocybin to 14 participants in Health Canada sanctioned clinical trial

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A group of up-and-coming psychedelic therapists have now legally experienced the mind-bending effects of psilocybin mushrooms.

On Thursday, Filament Health Corp. (OTCQB: FLHLF) (NEO: FH) (FSE: 7QS) announced that it had recently dosed 14 healthy subjects with its natural psilocybin drug candidate.

The clinical trial involving the use of Filament’s psilocybin received approval from Health Canada and was conducted as part of ATMA Journey Centre’s psychedelic-assisted therapist training program.

Filament Health is a Canadian psychoactive drug development company that prides itself on the use of naturally-derived psychedelic remedies.

ATMA Journey Centers Inc. was the first Canadian private company to engage in legally authorized psilocybin-assisted therapy. The company focuses on providing training and support to therapists so that they become well-equipped to administer psychedelic medicines to others in a safe and responsible manner.

Filament states that the success of the recent trial is a reflection of the operational calibre of both organizations.

“We are proud to reach this remarkable milestone,” said David Harder, ATMA’s CEO.

“The successful dosing of such a large group of subjects, all of whom reported a positive experience, is a testament to the importance of experiential learning and Filament’s psilocybin drug candidate. It also shows promise for our capacity to provide training for therapists and meaningful psychedelic-assisted therapy to patients in need in the future.”

“Filament’s ability to manufacture and deliver quality-controlled drug candidates sets us apart in the psychedelic industry,” added Filament Health’s CEO, Benjamin Lightburn.

“We have unique expertise in navigating regulatory hurdles which, combined with our in-house GMP manufacturing capabilities, allows us to effectively support partners like ATMA. We look forward to further developing our relationship as they grow their training program.”

Participants from the trial also shared their experiences, and based on their feedback it appears the drug candidate developed by Filament was quite efficacious.

“Being able to experience psilocybin provides a profound impact in being able to support clients through their own experiences. To be able to provide the general public this type of experience, I believe will revolutionize the mental health crisis that we are currently in,” said a trial subject named Amber.

“I’ve never experienced anything so magical; the psilocybin kept my physical body in the room but allowed my psyche to travel to another space. A world beyond our eyes. I was the roots of the earth, the mycelium network of the underground. I was able to experience sights and sounds like never before. The integration that has followed has provided me with more insight and learning than anything I could have ever accomplished during my 7 years of antidepressants,” commented Shay, a trial participant.


Filament administers psilocybin to 14 participants in Health Canada sanctioned clinical trial

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