27 April 2017

Ok we won’t spend much time on this as their razor sharp analysis tells us that cannabis is a highly regulated sector and their puns are straight out of an issue of High Times  circa 1975 !

This is to be found  in their strategist section

Here’s the introduction we don’t really suggest reading on

Is it too cheesy to say that the pot practice is growing like a weed?

Hey, it is what it is. Marijuana actually does grow like a weed and some lawyers are riding high on its popularity.

According to a CBS poll, support for legalized marijuana is growing. More than 60 percent of Americans think it should be legal for recreational use and 88 percent favor it for medical use.

While representing marijuana “drug dealers” may have been a stigma a decade ago, more civil attorneys have emerged from the shadows and are competing for marijuana business clients. Legal developments have helped.

See more at: http://blogs.findlaw.com/strategist/2017/04/is-it-time-to-grow-your-marijuana-practice.html?DCMP=CCX-TWLP#sthash.wamzXbGy.dpuf