First Wednesday’s Report: European Medical Cannabis Ecosystem


What is so special about the European medical cannabis ecosystem is that it is uniquely European. It has developed its own regional outlook for how it wants to regulate cannabis and implement access programmes, and in this process has developed its own entrepreneurial flair.

A mix of socialised healthcare, a pharmaceutical heritage, and being later to the party than the US and Canada has created a strict medical approach to cannabis medicines – one that is (mostly) with the grain of the medical establishment, not against it.

Compare two investor decks from both sides of the Atlantic and you can quickly see the differences in how we talk about cannabis as a medicine, how it should be controlled and the regional-specific concerns its proponents need to address. The European medical cannabis ecosystem is maturing quickly as experienced founders and investors move into the sector and shape not only the discourse but also the value chain around it. It is in this context that we are very excited to bring the first European medical cannabis ecosystem map to our network.

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