At this time, the hemp license renewal process will involve submitting a new application through our online licensing portal found at: All applicants will be assigned a new hemp cultivation license number pending approval.
If you experienced any complications in 2020 which prompted submission of multiple applications (i.e. multiple responsible/control persons or multiple growing locations) you may wish to consider consolidating your information into a single license application this year.
When you submit a new application for a Hemp Cultivation License consider making any important changes to your application such as updating:

  • Responsible/Control Person Details – add or remove persons, contact information*
  • Business Details – business name, address, or contact information, EIN, nursery registration number*
  • Containment, Transportation, and Equipment Cleaning Plans – should reflect current cultivation location(s), method(s), and intent

*Please note that Florida has a broad public records law (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes). All information submitted on a hemp cultivation license application is considered public record obtainable by the public upon request. A list of all licensed hemp cultivators is posted on our Department website for public access.*

Please review the attached document “Timeline of Important Events for Hemp Cultivators” which summarizes all deadlines and notification requirements for license holders.
For additional information regarding the State of Florida Hemp Program, visit our Department website:

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Topic Agency Contact Information
Clarification Letter / Background Check status FDACS, Division of Licensing 850-245-5299
Challenges with ORI Number or a live scan vendor Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Check status or update a Hemp Cultivation Application/License or Hemp Nursery information FDACS, Division of Plant Industry
Retail, Wholesale, Distribute, Manufacture, Store, or Process Hemp Extract for Human Ingestion FDACS, Division of Food Safety
Hemp Seed Dealers or Feed Distributor information FDACS, Division of Agricultural and Environmental Services
Other General Hemp Questions FDACS, Division of Cannabis