Florida: Man out on parole for cocaine sales arrested for cocaine possession

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office pulled a man out on parole over for dangerous driving and ended up sending him back to jail.

Deputies witnessed Lugene Chisolm swerve into the path of another driver, narrowly avoiding crashing into that car. After stopping Chisolm and conducting a traffic stop, officers immediately smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Chisolm claimed to be unfamiliar with the area, and said that the only criminal history he had in Florida were a few “tickets and I’ve got suspended license stuff up in Tampa.” When deputies ran his information through law enforcement databases, however, they found out that Chisolm was currently on parole for selling cocaine.

A quick check of Chisolm’s medical marijuana card proved that it had expired almost a full year earlier, and so deputies searched the vehicle. In total, they found one marijuana blunt, several pieces of loose marijuana, two baggies of rock cocaine totaling over 28 grams, nine oxycodone pills, and four amphetamine pills.

Deputies read Chisolm his rights, after which he refused to speak. Reports show that he is out on bail.


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