5 August 2016

Following is a snippet from the report which suggests some serious systemic problems with the MMR environment in Florida

They write..

“After the first five licenses were awarded, legal challenges from nurseries that competed and lost have delayed implementation of the laws and distribution of medicine. According to Sunshine State News, since 2014, Florida has spent over $500,000 in attorney’s fees representing the department of health in these legal challenges. The applicants were ranked in a secretive process by a board appointed directly by Governor Scott. Initial analysis of various applications shows a strong bias in some regions towards the winners, despite them not being as qualified in cannabis cultivation, science, medicine or even growing plants meant for human consumption.

One of Florida’s most ambitious new licensed cannabis growers, Alpha Foliage/Surterra Therapeutics, has already harvested large amounts of cannabis despite potentially not actually qualifying for the license. In addition to being awarded one of the initial five licenses, it challenged through Redlands Nursery, an affiliate of Alpha’s, for licenses in four other regions.

Through public records requests, it appears Alpha/Surterra has falsified information in order to meet the state’s requirements, in violation of both Florida and federal statutes.”