US publication The Capitolist is reporting that Nikki Fried whose managed public image over the past few years, has been one of youth, honesty & trustworthiness is embroiled in some rather shady financial dealings.

It has now  been revealed she secretly has a $200,000 ownership stake in Harvest Health and Recreation. Not only that she’s “managed to acquire another $190,000 in “personal effects”

For us, the deeper story goes beyond her what may be called corruption in other countries, to the fact she’s  involved herself with Harvest Health.

Recent reports in CLR written by Teri Buhl have highlighted the viper’s nest that this company are .

We are now aware of irregularities in California & Florida surrounding this company. Who & where’s next?


Here’s the introduction to their piece and it is worth reading in its entirety…

For the past two years, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has gone to extremes to hide her ownership in a publicly-traded marijuana company. But the revelation of her controversial involvement raises new questions about how she secretly acquired the nearly $200,000 ownership stake in Harvest Health and Recreation, Inc., and how over the past year she managed to acquire another $190,000 in “personal effects” (such as furniture, jewelry, or other household items).

State law requires the disclosure of gifts or the source of income used to pay for the goods. Her state salary is less than $129,000 per year.

Fried’s 2019 Financial Disclosure, filed yesterday, reveal her net worth increased by about $48,000, from $1,401,000 to $1,449,000 over the past twelve months. That’s on top of a 416% increase from 2017 to 2018, when her net worth went from a quarter of a million dollars to $1.4 million in the immediate aftermath of winning the election for agriculture commissioner.

Jake Bergmann & Nikki Fried: “Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is now engaged to her boyfriend, Jake Bergmann, the founder of a company that is one of the state’s biggest suppliers of medical marijuana.” Source:

But the biggest question about the contents of her blind trust has finally been answered. Her ownership of the marijuana company remained secret from the public for at least 18 months because of previously filed financial disclosure documents that were vague, inaccurate, or incomplete. She was forced to file an amended disclosure earlier this year after The Capitolist broke the story that she had failed to disclose her lobbying income from 2018.