FOI Shows Synthetic Cannabis Killing Australian Prison Inmates

As this great report shows not only are the government trying to hide the numbers they are blind to the reasons as to why it is happening. As a Western Australian cannabis Senator recently said, “Willfully” blind. Unfortunately the government won’t change their course and more people will die.

The ABC reports

Internal prison reports obtained by the ABC have shed further light on the scale and severity of synthetic cannabis inside one of Australia’s biggest jails in the months before and after a convicted killer died from smoking the dangerous drug.

The documents — which NT Correctional Services tried to keep secret — detail 21 separate incidents involving so-called Kronic at the Darwin Correctional Centre in the year Christopher Malyschko died.

His death-in-custody in 2019 was the subject of a coronial inquest, which earlier this year confirmed Malyschko suffered “positional asphyxia” due to synthetic cannabis use and obesity.

In his findings, coroner Greg Cavanagh criticised NT Correctional Services for its “inadequate” response in dealing with a known “epidemic” of Kronic within the jail.

Mr Cavanagh recommended prison authorities take “all necessary actions” to combat the problem.

But this month, NT parliament was told a trial of specially-trained drug detection dogs had been abandoned due to the difficulty of detecting the ever-changing chemical compounds in synthetic cannabis.

The FOI documents obtained by the ABC include 275 pages of incident reports from the Integrated Offender Management System.

In graphic detail, they confirm multiple inmates had to be hospitalised after consuming Kronic in the months before and after Malyschko’s death.

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