Here’s what they say about themselves


The Boston Globe launched a new section of dedicated to covering the politics, business, use, and impact of cannabis in the Northeast with a primary focus on the New England states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The Globe will bring the resources of New England’s largest newsroom to cover the cultural, business, and legal aspects of cannabis, and facilitate conversations across the Northeast.

Cannabis is growing to be a multi-billion dollar consumer business that is spreading across the United States, Canada, and elsewhere around the globe. Almost half of New Englanders live in a state that has recreational laws on the books. Another roughly 20 percent live within a one hour drive of a state that has legalized recreational use. There is tremendous interest from those who are working within this space as well as the cannabis curious, and they are looking to the Globe to educate and inform them around all things marijuana-related.

“At launch, the Globe’s new cannabis vertical will have two full-time cannabis reporters, a digital producer, an editor, and include cannabis articles from our life-sciences partner STAT, lifestyle-focused reporting from, and a deep bench of contributors,” said Matt Karolian, Director, New Initiatives and General Manager for the marijuana vertical. “The Globe aims to provide coverage that will be indispensable reading for politicians, lobbyists, businesses, and activists in the Northeast while also being informative and a must-read for interested consumers. This is an important segment, and I am pleased that the Globe is putting strong resources behind this coverage.”