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A recent report from CBS News finds that there are some fly by night cannabis seminars out there promising their pupils the inside scoop on how to make millions in the cannabis trade. They are more than willing to share their secrets with the public, as long as they cough up a substantial chunk of change in return. In some cases, these wannabe marijuana moguls are dropping $1,000 for a three-day class on cannabis commerce that promises to change their lives and put them on the fast track to riches. But the folks who buy in are finding out later that they are really no better off than before. 

Naturally, these scaminars are popping up in states where marijuana has been made legal. These are the spots where the most opportunity exists to gather naïve people excited about the possibilities of marijuana and the serious cash that is reportedly being made by all that get in on the ground floor. In Illinois, for example, which is set to launch its recreational pot market at the beginning of January, early predictions show the state could sell $270 million worth of pot in the first year. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs eyeballing these seminars for guidance (tips on where to find investors, etc.) are clearly interested in earning a part of the take – even if only a sliver. Instead, they are losing their savings and retirement funds with no real chance of taking the first step. 

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