Forget Cocaine Bear it’s Cocaine Cat !

Move over, ‘Cocaine Bear.’ There’s a new intoxicated animal in town.

Hamilton County, Ohio, dog wardens responded on Jan. 28 to reports of a “leopard” being spotted in a tree in Oakley, a Cincinnati neighborhood.

When they arrived on the scene, crews retrieved an exotic cat – now named Amiry – from the tree and brought it to Cincinnati Animal CARE.

Their initial thought was the cat was a hybrid F1 Savannah, which is legal to own in Ohio. However, after assistance from a big cat expert, officials said they were pretty certain Amiry was a serval, which is illegal.

A medical team examined Amiry, took a sample for a DNA test and tested him for narcotics.

Ray Anderson, a spokesman for Cincinnati Animal CARE, told FOX Weather that the lab results recently released show Amiry tested positive for exposure to cocaine. The DNA test also concluded he was indeed a serval.

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