Former NSAV CEO, Jake Noch, Files In Florida Court Alleges James Tilton Did Not Honor Expenses, Benefits & Stock Valued At $US3 Billion

This can come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Tilton rollercoaster of disaster over the past few years.

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Former CEO Jake Noch who has already sued Tilton and been awarded $US1,298,194.72 has now filed another action for damages for the sum of $US30,000, excluding costs, alleging that his expenses and benefits were not paid by NSAV / Titlton.

In usual Tilton fashion a number of representations were made, according to the filing, that expenses and benefits would be awarded in the form of stock and that in conclusion these representations were never honoured.

Noch is now asking for the value of that stock to be paid in full at an estimated price of $US3 Billion

Read the full document at

We look forward to seeing the view of the court and more importantly if anybody can actually locate Tilton as it looks as though he’s nowhere to be found.

More to come we’re sure.

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