FOUNTAIN VALLEY – The medical marijuana business is still unwelcome in Fountain Valley.

Recently enacted state laws require cities to spell out restrictions regarding marijuana, and over the past two weeks, Fountain Valley officials have done just that.

On Nov. 12, the city’s planning commissioners unanimously recommended an ordinance banning all cannabis activity and cultivation. The City Council agreed with that recommendation Tuesday night, voting 4-1 to expressly prohibit marijuana enterprises. Councilman Mark McCurdy voted against the ordinance.

“A lot of cities are having to do this right now,” said Matt Mogensen, Fountain Valley planning and building director. “It’s just a housekeeping measure.”

Even without the ordinance, testing, distribution and dispensaries would have continued to be prohibited under the city’s zoning regulations. But, because of the amendments to California law, cultivation and delivery of marijuana would have become legal.

McCurdy said he oppposed the ordinance because of his concern for cancer patients and others who could benefit from medical marijuana because of Prop. 215.

“Prop. 215 gives people with legitimate medical issues some help. We’ve made it too complicated for them.” he said after the meeting.

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