Four arrested after burglary on legal California cannabis farm; One suspect climbed tree to hide

In a late-night operation on October 29th, deputies from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding an in-progress theft in the 8000 block of West Murray Creek Rd, Mountain Ranch.

The reporting party had observed at least one male on the premises of a legally permitted marijuana cultivation, sparking a swift law enforcement response.

Upon their arrival at the scene, the deputies swiftly established a perimeter around the property with the invaluable assistance of California Highway Patrol Officers.

Recognizing the significance of the situation, they also called for aerial support from an air asset provided by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office.

The situation would soon unfold with the aid of an exceptional K9 unit.

CCSO Canine Deputy Titan, a seasoned law enforcement dog, was deployed into the fence-enclosed grow area to assist in the safe and thorough search for the suspects.

It wasn’t long before Titan’s keen instincts led to the discovery of the first suspect, identified as Carlos Osuna, aged 40, from San Jose, California, deputies said.

Suspect Osuna, upon locating the law enforcement team, complied with their orders and was taken into custody without any incident.

With Suspect Osuna secured, Titan and additional deputies continued their search of the property, and during the process, they detected the faint scent of cigarette smoke in the vicinity.

Acting on the lead, Titan eventually discovered Suspect Mark Arias Flores, aged 37, also from San Jose, hidden amidst the dense foliage, deputies said.

Suspect Arias Flores, however, failed to heed the initial commands, resulting in a non-lethal bite on an extremity by Titan, according to the sheriff.

He was then taken into custody and provided with immediate first aid without further disruption.

A third suspect, identified as Tyrone Castaldi, aged 59, from Anderson, CA, was found in close proximity to Suspect Arias Flores.

He complied with the deputy’s orders and was apprehended without any complications.

The collaborative effort with law enforcement agencies extended further as the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office deployed an air unit equipped with forward-looking infrared technology to intensify the search.

This resulted in the detection of Suspect Frank Jenner, aged 45, from Etna, CA, hiding within a tree. Suspect Jenner, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, obediently followed the deputy’s instructions and was taken into custody without any further issue.

All four suspects are now facing a series of charges, including grand theft, conspiracy, and drug-related offenses, and have been booked into the county jail.


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