Four Uses for Hemp Oil You Might Not Know

While a lot of us know about hemp and that it is legal across the United States (while cannabis is not), we don’t know what it can be used for.  If you’re curious about it and want to learn more, be sure to stick around for this article!  I’ll describe four ways it can be utilized that you probably didn’t know before!

Before I get there, though, I’ll briefly cover what it is.  If you are unfamiliar, it is a type of cannabis plant that contains less than point three percent THC.  THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, and you can read more about it on this page.  The law distinguishes the two, so keep that in mind throughout this list!


That’s right – more and more sustainable clothing companies and brands are looking to create items using fabrics with hemp in them.  Throughout human history it has been used in textiles, but it fell out of fashion for some time.  Despite that, many groups are trying to bring it back.

That’s because it is a fairly sustainable way of making fabric.  You see, it has an easier time breaking down once it is discarded into a landfill, for one thing.  It also is simple to produce.

In addition to that, it makes comfortable garments.  They are breathable, making them particularly nice for the summer months.  Consider that the next time you go shopping!



While this is in a similar vein, I give it a separate category for good reason.  Once again, humans have been crafting paper using this natural material for centuries.  Some of the first instances can be traced back to ancient China, in fact.

It only started to become unfashionable in the early twentieth century, actually.  That is because paper started to be made from trees more often in the 1930s.  So, a lot of our important historical documents and items were created using hemp paper.  Who knew?


It might be debated that there are actual medical benefits from using this substance, but there is plenty of evidence and personal anecdotes that lend to the conclusion that it can help.  Organizations such as The Hemp Collect company sell the oil for these purposes, so it is worth doing research to find a distributor you like.

Now, when I say “medicine” I don’t mean purely the type that can cure an illness or something like that.  Rather, I am taking a more holistic approach to it.  So, chronic pain and mental health problems are also under this umbrella.

Some examples of this might be someone suffering from an anxiety disorder.  Using a CBD product can promote levels of calm and relaxation, ameliorating the symptoms they are experiencing.  It can be a real roadblock to functioning normally in society, as I can attest to – it can be difficult to perform some jobs when you have anxiety surrounding the phone, for example.

Of course, chronic disorders that cause significant amounts of pain can also benefit from utilizing hemp.  Arthritis is one of the biggest ones that it is used for.  That is because arthritis can cause long-lasting pain in our joints.  Many people hurt in their hands, wrists, knees, or hips.  

Someone with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can also experience some relief for pain they might feel.  This is particularly true for cramping, which can be quite uncomfortable, to say the least.  There are a few more applications in this section.

One such is skin care.  We might not think of it as medicine, but I do consider it an important part of maintaining health.  Lotions and moisturizers that utilize hemp oils have been shown to help lock moisture into our skin and last a fair amount of time.  Most of them smell quite nice, too!

Pet Products

Just as you can, your pets can ingest hemp safely too!  You can learn more about how it works here:  That’s just one resource, of course.

It might seem a bit strange to give your pet a CBD product, but it has been shown to mitigate anxiety levels.  That is something especially important given all of the puppies that were adopted in 2020 that have separation anxiety now.  Hemp can help them to relax even when you have to leave.

That being said, it is probably a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before you start any treatments.  This is especially true if your pet is already taking some kinds of medicine, as CBD has been known to interact with other drugs in potentially harmful ways.  Just be safe about it!

Final Thoughts

So – were there any entries on this list that surprised you?  Even if not, I hope I’ve been able to offer you a bit more information about what it is and how you can use it.  There might be stigma around it due to its connection to cannabis, but the words should really not be conflated.  Hopefully we can work together on a societal level to deconstruct that stigma.

If you have any concerns about using hemp oil, you can always talk to your medical practitioner.  They should be able to tell you if it will interact with any of your current medications.  In general, it is safe to use and ingest.  There are plenty of recipes that use it, in fact, so explore your options!

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