France: Marseille, elected officials and activists demand the legalization of cannabis

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About twenty specialists hosted Legalize It this weekend in Marseille . A single watchword: legalize cannabis, and goodbye. With several elected officials – including some from the town hall – this gathering wants to weigh in on the public debate, a few days before the presidential election.

Legalizing cannabis would also be a way of regulating these products, and imposing health standards on them. “Cannabis is often cut with henna, used oil. Consumers have been considered second-class citizens for years,” criticizes Farid Ghehiouèche of Cannabis Sans Frontières.

Finally, a distribution of cannabis would also make it possible to provide employment, in a city where almost one in five inhabitants is unemployed (in 2018), twice the national average. “If we reform the legal status of the cannabis trade, it won’t be a panacea, it won’t be a revolution tomorrow, but it can start something ,” hopes economist Christian Ben Lakhdar.

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