German Hemp Association Suggests State Licensed Stores Rather Than Pharmacies Should Magae Retail of Cannabis & Hemp Products

Apotheke adhoc Germany reports
Berlin – In the coalition agreement, the Ampel parties have agreed on the legalization of recreational cannabis. The German Hemp Association (DHV) has presented its legalization concept for the upcoming political discussions on implementation. One position: Not the pharmacies should take over the sale, but state-licensed specialist shops.

Political talks on implementing the agreed controlled sale of cannabis to adults could soon begin in Berlin. The DHV, as the largest advocacy group for advocates of legalization, wants to bring the views of consumers and activists into the discussion with its concept. One sees oneself as a counterweight to entrepreneurial interests and fundamentally negative forces.

In principle, the DHV advocates the legal sale of cannabis from the age of 18. “Our guiding principle here: In principle, there is no reason to regulate cannabis more than alcohol. For adults in particular, the risk of cannabis consumption is lower than that of alcohol. Consequently, regulatory proposals that are being made here for cannabis should also apply to alcohol and tobacco.”

All proposals relate to hemp products with a THC content higher than that prescribed by the EU for industrial hemp and which are therefore suitable for producing an intoxication. “Currently that’s 0.3 percent THC, although we’re proposing a modest increase in that level. Even a slightly higher value would rule out consumption as an intoxicant, but allow farmers and producers to use the full potential of the plant.”

Specialist shops instead of pharmacies

Cannabis should only be sold by state-licensed specialist shops and not in pharmacies, in order to continue to ensure the sensible separation of stimulants and medicine. “Cannabis should only be sold in cannabis specialty shops and not in supermarkets, gas stations, kiosks, etc.,” it says. “Even pharmacies are not suitable for selling cannabis as a luxury food, just as little as beer and spirits.” Because: “With cannabis at pharmacy prices, poor selection and poor advice, legalization will fail. The black market can only be pushed out if consumers accept the offer,” said DHV spokesman Georg Wurth.

These specialist shops should have a state license, which can be withdrawn if the rules are not followed. The staff must be trained in terms of varieties, culture and consumer advice, but also in terms of offers of help. Detailed information material on offers of help as well as on effects, the THC-CBD ratio and the risks of consumption should be visibly available in specialist shops.


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